Translation of medical texts and materials

Translation of medical texts is a translation from one language to another of one purpose medical publications and private texts.

Translation of medical texts is the most difficult in the field of professional translation. It can be explained by specific nature of the texts and complicated terminology. It can be manuals to medical equipment, medicines descriptions, tutorials for physicians, examination results, patents and etc. The special position of this category of specialized translations is determined by the importance of any information being translated, higher requirements to translation accuracy and confidentiality of private information. Medical texts of any level are subject to translation to another language: epicrisis, protocols of diagnostic studies or operations performed, summaries of laboratory test results, functional studies, information for patients and / or doctors, leaflets for medicines (instructions of usage), treatment recommendations, as well as publications on the activities of medical institutions and scientific articles on various branches of medicine.

In relation to translations of such medical texts, in addition to the rules of general language literacy, there are also additional ones related to the specifics of medical terminology and traditional designations, expressions adopted in a particular country.

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