Written translation

Nowadays translation is the most popular service in the translation market. Pretty much everybody faces the necessity to translate a document into English or other foreign language, in the situation when:

  • leaving abroad is scheduled;
  • translation of foreign literature is required for study or work;
  • accession to the heirship is being implemented;
  • it is required to make a version of web-site or internet resource fragment with its translation to another language;
  • accomplishment of a deal is planned etc.
What are the most common documents that need translation?

Most commonly, translators of LEADER Translation Bureau deal with:

  • Personal documents (passports, birth certificates, divorce certificates, name/surname change certificate etc.)
  • educational documents (diplomas, certificates)
  • charter documents
  • powers of attorney and licenses for different kinds of activity; statements of parental consent,  * share deals etc.
  • texts for websites
  • essays and graduation works
  • customs entries etc.

You can try to do a written translation of a text of low importance and low complexity on your own, spending a lot of time and effort to find information and and be left with a poor quality translation.

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