Notarization of official documents

The notarized translation (or certified with the translation bureau’s seal) is required for the legalization of foreign documents to submit them to official authorities of the residence country or to other states. Such type of notarized translation is frequently required by individuals, government organizations and other legal entities. The documents should be legalized to apply them at the territory of Ukraine or other country.

In this kind of translation, a notary certifies the signature of our qualified translator on the document.

Situations when a notarized translation is obligatory may include:
  • Passport (Identity Card) translation;
  • granting of a power of attorney;
  • translation of sales contracts, contracts of assignment of real estate etc.
  • parental authorizations (statements of parental consent);
  • birth certificates and death certificates, marriage certificates or divorce certificates;
  • travelling abroad for the purpose of tourism, education or work;
  • submitting for residence permit, visa;
  • application for heirship and testamentation;
  • secondary school certificates and diplomas etc.;
  • bank certificates, work references.

But this list is nothing near so limiting.

Usually, such translations should be notarized.

But there are occasions where certification (with the translation bureau’s seal) is sufficient.

We have an individual approach to every client.